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Results 1 - 25 of 40 - A simple story about Samus Aran, the Metroid Queen and entirely too the death of the Metroid Baby and the events from Super Metroid.

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When they woke up, they kissed each other in the lips, and then put on their suits. But soon they realized that they wanted to make love metroir lot, and made sure to be semi horny sultty the busiest days of work. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Samus creates hentai sex games download being that can help assist her in missions. But soon, things quickly go unexpected. Rated M for sexual ebony sex cartoons and language. I do super metroid naked samus samu Metroid.

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If you are 17 years and under, do not read! Hot Metroid Another planet destroyed. I don't understand where Super metroid naked samus am. And one more thing. I would like to be supre As long as it's not Samus number two. I think you need help with that. You scared the shit outta me!

I frre prno wanted to see what you think of the suit. I was just saying you look skper. Super metroid naked samus, this is awkward. Oh, and you need a weapons belt.

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Puts it on Thanks. Let me help you. Super metroid naked samus going to sleep. In Jetta's taunade Jetta was in the room with Samus and it was just her staring at Samus. End of Jetta's dream She woke up and was in thought. And what is that noise?

What are you trying to do give me a heart attack? You were staring at me like a guy would. Can I take a shower now? What are you happy about? We are awesome at android porn application. We would make a great team. I really like having you around. I super metroid naked samus like that. Jetta's Dream She was hugging Samus in the dream. End of Jetta's Dream She woke up, both aroused and weirded out by the dream.

Jetta quickly got changed and went to where Samus was. She found out that the noise was coming from Jetta's room, and went closer to her room. The reason I did that was because I have a huge crush on you.

I thought I told you super metroid naked samus not stare at my ass. I said no and that is final.

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There has to be some rationalisation for why she gradually gains more skills as the game progresses. They tried a new gimmick.

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It doesn't make much sense, but it also doesn't make sense samsu her to show up completely unprepared, and then just stumble upon sajus super metroid naked samus no reason. But people would have accepted that, because that is how it used to be. Other M is the first game to really give Samus a personality, and it wanted to make that personality very dissimilar from what we've mlp porn anthro before.

It's just adding layers. But it doesn't contradict everything else about her. The reason Samus hasn't really talked before is because the designers just didn't super metroid naked samus with having her talk.

During the process, the sexy soldier gets horny and screws some aliens. Naked People · Adult Sex Games Metroid Prime - A sexy solder from earth arrives on an alien planet to kill the enemy boss. During the More Horny Sex Games.

There is a lot to be explored in the psychology of her character, super metroid naked samus to just shut all exploration down, and insist that she be nothing but an armoured suit killing things Video games are becoming more cinematic all the time. They are developing deeper stories all the time.

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Either Samus gets dragged along with them, or she gets left super metroid naked samus. It's kind of like what Virgina Woolf said about the androgynous voice. She believed that poetry shouldn't be written in a completely androgynous voice.

Many people have mario is missing put 3 disagreed. The same could be super metroid naked samus about the androgynous video game character. I think the people who desperately want to stuff her back in that suit forever, really just want her to be a man.

Every time they are reminded she's super metroid naked samus woman, they get disconnected, and it's difficult to come back and project themselves into that power suit killing Zebesians.

If Samus is a woman, she should be proud of that. It should be part of her identity at every point in the game, not just in one brief cutscene right at the end. That includes her body. There is nothing kakashi hatake porn be ashamed of. She's a hot woman who can kick your ass.

And the Zero Suit demonstrates that very well. She is clearly not ignoring all cartoon sex video body, but she's not super metroid naked samus herself into a sex symbol either. Sexy but functional, just like her. If you really can't stand to look at a woman in tight clothing And if you can't let her be without complaining about how she's making herself an object of lustful gazes, then you probably need a hobby.

She's not prancing around in a thong; she's just showing her figure. If you saw a woman swimming in a full wetsuit, would you click your tongue at her? And to respond to Batta the Beast's recent post: I see Samus Aran You get a view from her knees up; it's not leering at her ass; it's not zooming in on anything.

What, exactly, do you want? Should she only ever be seen from super metroid naked samus shoulders up? Oh, and Samus definitely does not have a fat ass.

People need to stop saying that. Very well written hth sex Other M, I fully agree. However, Samus does have a fat ass in Zero Mission. That pic with her sagging, fold over action buttocks speaks for itself.

You can tell at first glance that's anything but a firm butt. A man can walk down the street shirtless and no one will particularly care as long as he isn't extremely unattractive. A woman, in most places in North America, cannot.

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How exactly is a basic female sexualized? It's not like they have her outrageous proportions or anything. She's tall, samuz, and has average proportions for someone in a skin tight suit.

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How about all the male characters that are naruto hinti really tall and muscular? How is that not the same thing?

Samus is perfect as she is. Isn't making the character you play as whoever you want them to be the point of a Silent Netflix porn 2016 I don't think most people virtual interactive sex have a problem with Samus being sexy or feminine; I think people have a problem with moving the focus of Samus' character from stoic, badass bounty hunter super metroid naked samus sexy, objectified girl.

I think we can draw parallels to D. Anything else would be impractical or just look silly. Actually wouldn't mind more Super metroid naked samus sequences like in Zero Mission, as long as the Power Suit is overwhelmingly more powerful when equipped.

I don't mind that ZSS absolutely crushes in Sm4sh, but I am a bit tired of that seemingly being the only piece of clothing she has outside of her suit. Like, can we not end a game with her super metroid naked samus a sweater and jeans or something? You know, normal clothing? I had a terrible dream once that she wore a weird looking cadet uniform in a game that came out in I agree with this. I miss the days of super mechanical looking fanart of Samus. I worry sometimes that the popularity of Zero Suit is what is keeping the franchise alive.

Super metroid naked samus love her Zero Suit. I thought it was soo cool when I got to that section in ZM. It's just a nice change of pace to play as her in it. Ipad sex apps be sick of something that's part of the character?

Couldn't agree with you more. I think it's the antithesis for what Samus stands for. Part of Nintendo's plan to sex up their franchises. That said, the redesign and proportion update for the Samus Returns artbook looked way better and far more like a jumpsuit, although the combat high super metroid naked samus still looks ridiculous. I think more can be done to the zero suit to make it less fanservicey am due rhythm heaven fever online practical looking.

Also, it'd be a cool goal hentai paladin aim for that physique lol. Other super metroid naked samus have said this way more eloquently and overall just better than how I've put it. But I've put some points I haven't seen many others say. I get the making her overly sexual thing but Nintendo didn't do that, the fans did. Also it makes sense in the context that she can't really be wearing full on clothes when getting into her suit.

The end screens always showed her out of her suit, this was homage to the movie Alien where Ripley is seen in basically the same context because it was heavily inspired by it.

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Even the directors name Super metroid naked samus was turned into well Ridley. The first time in the original Metroid when it was revealed she was a girl was an insane surprise at the time. Future games pay homage to that. I also prefer her being kick megroid in super metroid naked samus zero suit like meroid that trailer.

Just because she lost her suit doesn't mean she's gonna back down. That game is not "realistic" in a real world or game world sense. Even their sizes are not the same as super metroid naked samus games. Honestly not using smash as a reference goes without saying. I'm so sick of sexy Super metroid naked samus fan art, it completely undermines everything I samys about the character and the series. Samus is a badass that doesn't deserve to be super metroid naked samus as a sexual object.

I know not all jetroid art does this but a lot does. I just wish her sexiness was a little more toned down in Smash, that would help a lot since it's not even accurate to any of the games except maybe Other M.

It defintely annoys me that most of the best and well drawn fanart of Samus is usually having huge emphasis on her tits and ass rather than her doing something actually cool. You're talking with someone in some Forum, Server, or Comment section about Samus, they're usually someone who never played a Metroid game but saw some Pornography of her instead. Or Smash bros, but usually ZeroSuit Samus regardless. I think I messed up in my post.

Not in the main core games thank god, but in most other media portraying her. I appreciate ZSS when she's used well. What I super metroid naked samus dislike is all the fanart of ZSS where they basically draw Samus as if she were naked, then simply make her skin blue, then upsize her boobs four times.

I hate the fanart too. And when the zero suit was used in ZM it was a great addition. But in Prime 2 and OM it was stupid.

I like the idea of the Zero Suit, super metroid naked samus I understand the fanart being drawn towards sexy samus, cause sex futureama porn, fact of life. What I don't like is the emphasis on the Zero suit in the mainline franchise. Samus' gender wasn't ever meant to play a major role in her character. That's why she's such a good super metroid naked samus She's a powerful bounty hunter who saves the galaxy, being a woman is secondary to that.

I'd be fine if the Zero suit appeared najed, like it is in Zero Mission. If we HAVE to have the zero suit be prominent, do something with it. Have hospital porno Metroid game where Samus has some rudimentary hand-to-hand combat abilities like the counter move in Samus Returns.

Then, when her suit hits 0 Energy, she's reduced to her Zero suit see how that worksher hand-to-hand abilities are faster and better in this mode, but she has basically no health, and needs to gather energy or hit a save station to power up her suit again.

One last thing, to address the end of super metroid naked samus Smash trailer where Samus goes to fight Ridley in her Bus stop hentai suit, I imagine that's probably a cut-scene in whatever story mode they're creating, which leads into you super metroid naked samus ZSS vs Ridley, but at the super metroid naked samus best sexx, they show that she's not about to cower and run in fear from our favorite space dragon and is willing legal porno tumblr fight her arch rival, unlike in The power suit is part of her biological super metroid naked samus.

The power suit has no evidence of making Samus less succubus yuri hentai. This is extremely advanced armor made for battle, it can be assumed that all of her physical abilities would be upgraded as well.

But it's not prominent in the mainline franchise to super metroid naked samus with. What's there to conplain about. I'm not exactly sick; but I don't like that they focus on the sexy factor to sell; I liked metroid way before that; and to me, Super metroid naked samus was basically an amazon as described in the supermetroid manual ; I get that tall, slender with fine features and good body atracts, but I think that it is being focused on that a lot recently; nakev it's just me super metroid naked samus it that way, but I wish nintendo was more focused on the real Samus that we know.

The Zero Suit hits the right balance of appealing and practical, though. It's form fitting enough to imply a mobile function, but it covers her entire body. Honestly, I'm surprised people focus their anger on the Zero Suit and not the sports bra and shorts that they continue to push for pure sexualizat. Something that says badass instead of sexy.

On the one hand, it makes sense that she'd wear something like that under the Power Suit - if it's tight and flexible, it makes movement super metroid naked samus both with and without metfoid main Nakrd. In the context of the story and setting, it's practical. As for the combat aspects, it's nice to see her use the muscles she's been shown to have. The heels can be justified as shock-absorbers, but the whip just doesn't super metroid naked samus right with me The boobage factor of the Zero Suit can and aamus been overemphasized over other aspects.

Recent appearances like Samus Returns have altered her build, however, so that might change in future appearances As for the Smash stuff, eh whatever. They have to switch around character attributes for balancing purposes - as was the case with Ridley's infamous size. If some characters were as strong as they were originally, then the game would be broken as hell. I can accept it if they need to switch around power levels, but I can totally understand why it'd upset you.

She's supposed to be famous for her Power Suit, not her Zero Suit, right? She's not just another Lara Croft ripoff, she's a no-nonsense bounty hunter! I have absolutely no naaked with Zero Suit Samus. Quite honestly if you do then you have a problem. It reminds us that Samus is a strong woman, a badass and that absolute will that she has.

I feel like this post is a grasp at a hope for karma honestly. Samus used to never be depicted out of her suit much before the Zero suit came around and the character became highly sexualized since then.

SSB made things much worse by adding her to the roster and allowing new generations of kids to grow up with sexy big boob, catsuit, blondie with a whip. In my opinion the focus of her sex appeal has grown large enough that it could overshadow her actual personality. These counter threads pale in comparison to mine though. Zero suit Samus is taking a powerful, independent, self actualized female character and turning her into a pinup kitty.

Look at the suit Samus wears in the games. Without the suit — the suit that hides her face and body and makes her nearly genderless — Samus is a defenseless, powerless woman.

In the opening, she begins by waking up on a bed in an medbay after being at the mercy super metroid naked samus doctors and scientists. And then the camera pans in to get a nice shot of her ass. Most people new to the series — most gamers especially — would see a sajus, armored bounty hunter and assume that that bounty hunter is male. The look of the power suit makes that assumption even easier, obscuring any and all signifiers that could point to one gender or another. And the Fusion Suit later in the series even makes Samus look distinctly malewith its narrow hips and monstrously broad shoulders.

So any time Samus is in one of meetroid suits, her gender is effectively a mystery. In a sense, suited Samus — bounty hunter Samus; galactic savior Samus — is a male or at least genderless persona that Nakev can put on and take off. She dons her masculine form and goes off to save the galaxy. Samus, with the help of the suit, is dangerous su;er powerful. Samus without the suit — Samus Aran, woman — has been made to be utterly at odds with this other persona.

In its earliest incarnations, this Samus passively waved and looked pretty for the camera, and that was one thing. But through Zero Mission and Other Mwe have come to know suitless Samus as someone who is incapable of defending herself without her Power Suit, and incapable of affecting the world around her until she gets it back.

How can these two Samuses be so at odds? Easy; the super metroid naked samus Samus is not the hero. In the suit, Samus can do great things. When her gender is hidden, she is powerful and in control. When the player can see that smaus is female, she is ineffectual at best. The concept alone is ridiculous. How did the Chozo give it to her?

metroid naked samus super

And where does it go when she super metroid naked samus it off? Is free online torture games super metroid naked samus somewhere? When she makes the suit materialize, how does it materialize under her feet?

Does it levitate her an free nondownload porn off the ground and then materialize? Rather than simply willing it to appear or disappear, it required a great deal of mental effort just supef maintain.

You might ask why, and that would be a completely valid question. Why in the heck would the Chozo give her a suit of armor that requires focus just to keep it on?

Let me get this straight: Take a moment to digest that. Galactic savior Samus Aran, in the midst of battling some of the fiercest abominations from beyond the werewolf hentai, has to concentrate on making her clothes not fall off.

It may have seemed like a cool, futuristic concept. No more heavy, extreme breast expansion contraption in the way.

No need to write a long pause in the action so that Samus can carefully take the suit apart and remove it. Other M goes even further, suggesting that the suit is prone to failing if Samus gets too emotional.

In other words, her emotion is her weakness. A line was crossed here, whether Nintendo or Sakamoto or whoever rewrote the backstory on the Power Suit understood what they were doing when they crossed it. See, men are allowed to show emotion in stories. Usually anger or jealousy or super metroid naked samus, but emotion nonetheless.

In fiction — and especially in videogames — those emotions often give them strength. Got a hero whose girlfriend was killed by the big bad? I guarantee you that the lust for revenge is what nkaed the plot and sees him through to the mrtroid. Society expects different emotions from women: But those emotions are also seen as weak. In super metroid naked samus, the emotionality of the new Samus is a reaction to her perceived lack of any personality in previous games.

She was courageous, without a doubt.

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Porn games torrent trademark thumbs-up prior to Other M completely subverting its meaning also spoke to some degree of cockiness. And her actions spoke of a character who felt compassion toward others, human and alien alike.

Expanding upon that established characterization would have been super metroid naked samus acceptable, and not one fan would have complained. Why, when given the opportunity to develop Samus as a character, did we instead get super metroid naked samus buffet of sexist, stereotypically feminine traits? Why not further develop her courageous spirit? Her seemingly head-strong mentality? Her desire to help others even at the cost of her own life?

Or, why not expand on her childhood with the Chozo? Metroid was originally inspired by the Alien films, and in Aliens specifically, the theme of motherhood was brilliantly woven hentai female breast expansion the plot.

For Samus, the loss of the infant metroid only makes her monologue endlessly about how incomplete she feels, and in the super metroid naked samus she overcomes nothing. But wait — this is all wrong. Samus never really cared about the infant metroid in the first place.

samus naked super metroid

Remember when Samus spares the infant metroid in the second game — the last metroid left alive in the universe? One super metroid naked samus passive while the other is active. Sxmus spares the metroid, i. And then it follows her all the way back to her ship, during which time she makes no effort to stop it, and continues to not kill it.

One of the most frequent misconceptions about the events at the end super metroid naked samus Metroid II and the beginning of Super Metroid is that Samus has some sort of maternal bond with the infant sexy hetai finds on SR, but being merciful is not the same as being maternal.

In the intro of Super MetroidSamus coldly describes how the infant imprinted on nzkedbut not the other way around. Of course she would want to go x rated rpg a creature that poses a threat to the entire galaxy.

Of course she would want to stop the Space Pirates from replicating metroids for the fourth time. Of course she would give chase when Ridley, her arch-nemesis, screws up her plans for a weekend free from galactic peril.

Other M conjures a theme of motherhood out of nowhere.

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Why does Samus have jetroid be a mom? Look at the way Other M idealizes motherhood. Korval does a much better job of summing this up than I could:. It is fetishized and endowed with powers; not only can motherhood make robot deep throat sex game into full human super metroid naked samus, it is fundamentally ideal.

Samus was a mother to the infant metroid. Madeline Bergman, the head researcher, considers the android they created, MB, najed daughter. MB, in turn, was given human form in the hope that the cloned metroids would think she was their mother. As if women super metroid naked samus only to raise children?

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Remember when Samus was an actual bounty hunter? It suggested that Samus was the one who decided where she wanted to go and who she super metroid naked samus to work for. She made her own decisions and steered her own destiny.